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Dr. Dennis Sevel DDS

Dr. Dennis Sevel DDS

Dr. Dennis Sevel graduated Dental School in 1981 from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He was in General Practice in Johannesburg from 1981 – 1989. In 1989 he moved to South Florida with his family. He has been in private practice in South Florida for 25 years with offices in both Broward and Dade counties.

Dr. Sevel is a member of the American Dental Association, the South Florida Dental Association, the Academy of Osseointegration, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

He holds a Mastership with the American Dental Implant Association. For over 15 years his primary focus has been Surgical and Prosthetic Treatment with Dental Implants.

More recently, Dr. Sevel has been treating patients with Gum Recession using the Chao Gum RejuvenationTechnique TMor Lunchtime Gum Lift TM

Dr. Sevel is the first dentist in South Florida to offer this new revolutionary treatment for gum recession. This minimally invasive procedure is able to reverse and combat the effect of receding gums without using grafts or stitches.

Dr. Sevel is committed to providing his patients with the highest level of personalized care while staying in the forefront of new and advanced technologies.

Dr. Steven Difilippo DDS

Dr. Steven Difilippo DDS

Dr Steven DiFilippo, a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, class of 1989. He practiced General, Prosthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry in Manhattan N.Y. and Brooklyn N.Y. until 2002. Since then, has been practicing in South Florida, during which time has completed an Externship in Bone Grafting, Sinus Lift and Implantology.

He is currently a member in good standings with the American Dental Association and South Florida Dental Association and is also a Fellow member with the International Congress of Implantology. Dr. DiFilippo recently completed training and certification on Chao Gum RejuvenationTechnique TM. Dr. DiFilippo is one of only a few dentists in South Florida who is able to perform this procedure.

Our Orthodontist in Weston FL

Dr. Craig Spencer DMD (Orthodontist)

Dr. Craig Spencer DMD (Orthodontist)

Dr. Craig Spencer is a specialist in orthodontics. After college, he received his dental and orthodontic specialty degrees from Nova Sotheastern University College of Dental Medicine. He has extra years of specialized training developed just for kids. This includes early and comprehensive orthodontic treatment, as well as Invisalign, Invisalign teen, and dental orthopaedics.


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